In Spain, Tapas is not just food; it’s a way of life!  Having started out as simple nibbles at the side of the bar to accompany a good glass of sherry, wine, sangria or even a crisp cerveza.

It is a lovely way to eat, a relaxed and sociable get-together carrying with it a hint of the traditional chilled out Spanish unhurried way of life.  

Please enjoy our little ray of Spanish Sunshine here in Picaderos.


Appetizers / Aperitivos

Mixed Spanish Olives & Roasted Almonds (v) (cf) €8.00

Homemade marinated mixed green & black Spanish Olives accompanied with Roasted Valencian Almonds sprinkled with Rock Sea Salt & Paprika.

Jalapeño Poppers €7.00

Fresh spicy deep fried & breaded homemade Jalapeños Peppers stuffed Cream Cheese.  Served with a cool Sour Cream & Chive dip.

Spanish Toasts with trio of dips €6.00

Warm Rustic Toasts with a selection of homemade dips; Classic Basil Pesto, Kalamata Black Olive & Almond Tapenade & Semi-Sundried Tomato Pesto.


Aperitivos plater (v) (cf)(Sharing Plate) €10.50

Mixed mini platter of aperitifs, consisting of mixed Olives, Roasted Almonds & ‘Guindilla’ pickled spicy Riojan peppers served with rustic toasted bread & a homemade Kalamata Black Olive & Almond Tapenade.

Potatoes / Patatas

Bravas (v) (cf) €5.40

Homemade deep fried cubed potatoes covered in a fiery tomato ‘Bravas’ sauce.

Aioli (v) (cf) €5.40

Homemade deep fried cubed potatoes smothered in a garlic mayonnaise ‘Aioli’ sauce

Add melted Manchego cheese shavings (Aioli con Queso) ex. €1.25

Chorizo y Patatas Picante €6.50

Homemade deep fried cubed new potatoes sautéed with Spanish chorizo sausage, Rosemary & Sea-salt.

Brazilian Mandioca Wedges (v) (cf) €6.00

Deep fried wedges of sweet Mandioca Cassava South American root vegetables served with Mojo Picon dressing & a blue cheese mayonnaise dip.

Snacks / Pinchos

Moorish Chicken & Chorizo ‘Pincho’ Skewers (cf option available) €8.50

Skewers of BBQ Charred barrels chunks of Spanish chorizo sausage & grilled juicy pieces of tender chicken in paprika, saffron & garlic marinade served on rustic Spanish toasts with garlic, basil, plum grated tomatoes & olive oil.

Chicken ‘Romesco’ Pinchos (cf) €7.50

Skewers of BBQ Char grilled juicy pieces of tender marinated chicken smothered in a fire roasted ‘piquillo’ red pepper, crushed almond, garlic & tomato ‘Romesco’ sauce.


Brazilian Chicken ‘Coxinha’ Croquettas €7.25

Home-made deep fried Brazilian style breaded chicken croquettes made with oven baked chicken, onions & cream cheese.  Served with a sweet chilli dip.

Jamón ‘Croquettas’ with garlic Aioli dip €7.25

Homemade breaded croquettes filled with finely chopped Spanish Jamón Serrano, garlic & onion.

Grilled Asparagus Spears with Jamón Serrano (cf) €8.50

Char grilled fresh asparagus spears wrapped in crispy Jamón Serrano and seasoned with sea salt & pepper.  Served with an ‘Aioli’ garlic mayonnaise dip.

Vegetarian option available €6.50


Meat / Carne

Spanish ‘Albóndigas’ Meatballs €8.50

Spicy meatballs prepared in a rich Andalucían style vine tomato, garlic, cumin, rosemary & paprika sauce.

Tapas “Frango” Chicken Wings €7.00

Deep fried Chicken wings served in a sauce of your choice:

(i) Canary Island Mojo Picon (ii) Jack Daniels BBQ (iii) Chilli & Lime Franks Hot Sauce (iv) Spicy Piri-Piri

Portuguese Chamuças €8.25

Deep fried Portuguese style Samosas filled with mince-beef, mixed vegetables & spices with a spicy salsa Chimichurri.

Sticky Honey BBQ Chorizo €7.50 Pan fried barrel chunks of Smokey Spanish Chorizo Sausage with crushed garlic cloves, 10 year aged Sherry Vinegar & Irish Natural Honey. Delicioso!

Traditional Mini-Pot of Spanish Ragu €8.00

A hearty, spicy, Smokey Ragu from Catalonia made with mixed Spanish Sausages (Chorizo & Chistora), Spanish ‘Morcilla’ Black Pudding, Chick-Peas & sautéed onions in a thick ‘Sofrito’ sauce.


Tapas of Chicken & Chorizo Paella €8.50

Traditional Spanish rice dish cooked in Saffron with peas, onions & peppers, Chicken & Spicy Chorizo sausage.

Vegetarian option available €6.00


Tapas Chicken ‘Pollo’ Marbella €7.50

Mini potted pan fried pieces of chicken breast with sliced spicy Spanish Chorizo sausage sautéed with onions in a rich creamy vine tomato & white wine sauce.

Brazilain Tapas Steak ‘Alcatra ao Alho’ (recommended rare or medium-rare) €10.50 Special cut of char-grilled striploin steak originating in the steakhouses of Southern Brazil.  Served with garlic, sea salt and rosemary deep fried potato cubed wedges in a beautiful mini copper pan.


Fish & Seafood / Pescado y Marisco

Calamares Frito €9.00

Crisp deep fried floured fresh calamari rings seasoned with Rock Sea Salt, Pepper, Chilli & Lime with ‘Aioli’ dip.

Half Shell King Scallops €13.50

Pan seared Irish half shell King Scallops, with Spanish Chorizo sausage & Saffron cream purée

Prawns Pil Pil (cf) €10.50

Tasty Tiger prawns sautéed with fresh mixed garlic baby chillies & Olive Oil.

Grilled Prawn Pinchos €11.00 

Trio of BBQ Char grilled tiger prawns skewers, lightly marinated in Piri Piri spices, Olive Oil & Garlic.


Mussels a la Marinera (cf) Fresh mussels cooked in a tomato sauce with a touch of chilli.                       €7.25

Tapas of Seafood Paella  (cf) €9.00

Spanish rice cooked in saffron with a mix of white Fish, Mussels, Tiger Prawns, Peas, Onions & Peppers.

Tapas Paella “Negra de Sepia” (Black Squid Ink Seafood Paella) also available €9.90

Deep fried mini Beer Battered Hake €7.00

Fresh deep fried mini fillets of Hake in a homemade crispy ‘San Miguel’ beer batter with Homemade Tartar sauce.


Eggs / Huevos


Flamenco Eggs with spicy Spanish Sausages €7.00

Oven baked eggs with fried potato & onion hash, chopped spicy Spanish Chorizo & Chistora sausages & herbs.

Chorizo & Cheese Tortilla €7.00

Traditional Spanish omelette with diced peppers, potato, onion, Pamplona Spanish Chorizo Sausage & mature Spanish Manchego cheese shavings.  With a roasted red peppers, almond, garlic & tomato ‘Romesco’ sauce.

Vegetarian option available €5.50


‘Botantas’ Mexican Style Tapas


Mexican Tapas Nachos (v) €5.50

Mexican Tortilla chips served warm with melted Jack cheddar cheese, ‘Pie de Galo’ salsa Roja, black beans, fresh guacamole, sour cream & jalapenos.  Add Minced Taco Beef ORFajita Spice Chicken    ex. €3.00


Tapas Tacos de Carne €7.00

Two Tacos shells filled with Taco minced beef & ‘Pico de Galo’ salsa, homemade Guacamole, Sour Cream & sliced Jalapeños.  Vegetarian option available €6.00


Chicken Quesadillas €7.25 Flour Tortillas filled with shredded fajita spiced chicken, fresh tomato & onion salsa, melted jack cheese & ‘Pie de Galo’ Salsa Roja, Guacamole, Sour Cream sliced Jalapeños. Veg option available €6.00


Flautas de Pollo €7.00

Crispy deep fried flutes of rolled flour tortilla filled with shredded chicken, tomato, coriander & cumin with ‘Pico de Galo’ Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream & Melted Cheese Sauce.  Veg option available €6.00


Cheese & Meats / Queso y Embutidos

Jamón Serrano €9.00

Thin slices of slowly cured full flavoured Iberian Serrano Ham served with a drizzle of olive oil & rustic garlic toasts.

Jamón Iberico De Bellota – Pata Negra €16.50

Succulent & intensely flavoured ham from the exclusively acorn fed free range Iberian black footed pig.  Served with rustic Spanish garlic toasts.


Mixed Spanish Meat Plate €15.50

Mixed tapas meat platter consisting of mixed peppercorn Salami & Red Pamplona Chorizo slices, Jamón Serrano & Jamón Iberico de Bellota Pata Negra.  Served with homemade pickled vegetables & mixed Spanish Olives.


Aged Manchego Cheese (cf) (v) €7.50

24 month aged mature sharp Sheep’s cheese from La Mancha, marinated in olive oil, herbs & mixed peppercorns.

Deep Fried Brie Cheese with Piquillo Pepper Jam (v) €8.00

Fresh Home-made breaded & deep fried Brie served with a wood fire roasted red Piquillo pepper ‘pimento’ Jam on a bed of peppery rocket salad.


Crisp Deep Fried Goats Cheese (v) €9.50

Breaded deep fried popular soft ripened ‘Buche de Chèvre’ mild tangy flavoured goat’s cheese on bed of baby spinach leaves, with a sweet honey pine nuts, hazelnuts & walnuts dressing.


Mixed Cheese Plate (v) €14.50

A mixed selection of classic Spanish cheeses; Aged Manchego (sharp sheep’s cheese from La Mancha), Spanish Blue (mild blue mixed goat & cow cheese from León), Tetilla (Galician Blond Cow Cheese) & Mahón (soft to hard white cheese made from cow’s milk, from the island of Minorca). Served with ‘Membrillo de Dulce’ sweet Jelly Quince paste, cheese crackers & fresh grapes.


Mixed Cheese & Ham Plate €16.50

A selection of Spanish Meats (see above) served with a selection of Spanish cheeses (see above).

Bread / Pan

Basket of Fresh Bread €3.25

Garlic Bread (v) €4.25

Toasted rustic crusty Spanish bread with grated garlic Olive Oil & parsley.

Catalan Tomato Bread (v) €6.00

Catalan style toasted bread smothered with garlic, ripped basil, olive oil & grated plum tomatoes.

Add melted Manchego cheese shavings ex. €1.25

Add slices of warm crispy Spanish Serrano Jamón ex. €2.75


Vegetables / Verduras 

Vegetarian Portuguese Chamuças €7.50

Deep fried vegetarian Samosas filled with goats cheese, fresh spinach leaves, honey, paprika & pine nuts served with a wood fire roasted spicy red Piquillo pepper ‘pimento’ Jam.


Garlic Mushrooms ‘al Ajillo’ (v) (gf) €6.00

Sautéed mushrooms cooked in a creamy garlic sauce with a hint of chilli.

Manchego Cheese Pinchos (v) €6.50

Slices of crusty rustic Spanish bread topped with grilled aubergine & Manchego cheese wrapped in spinach leaves.

Ensalada Verde (v) (gf) €7.00

Mixed Green leaf salad with baby Spinach leaves, Spanish Green Olives, Onions, Hazelnuts & Walnuts & grilled Asparagus.

Char grilled BBQ Vegetables (v) (gf) €7.00

Tapas of mixed barbequed vegetables cooked on the lava rock grill served with ‘Romesco’ sauce.

Pimientos de Padrón (v) (gf) €7.50

Tiny green peppers from the Galician village of Padrón; Briefly sautéed with liberal amounts of sea salt.

The catch is one in every dozen is a mini flamethrower!


All our Beef is 100% Irish.  (v) – Vegeterian, (cf) – Coeliac Friendly alternative available


***Please note that groups of  10 or more people will have  a 10% discretionary  service charge applied to their bill***

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