Children’s Tapas Menu

Choice of Tapas Meal with Drink (Cordial or Juice) €9.50

Mini Spanish Flat Bread Style Pizzas & Spanish Rustic Chips.

Oven baked Spanish style flat bread Pizzas with a choice of toppings: 

  1. Pizza Maria (Plain);  
  2. Beef Meatballs; 
  3. Chorizo & Chicken;
  4. Mixed Vegetables.

 Mini ‘Burrito’ De Carne [Chicken OR Vegetarian options also available]

Rolls of soft flour tortilla stuffed with refried beans, Mexican rice & Taco mince-meat, topped with Ranchero sauce, melted Habanero Jack cheese, lettuce, sour cream, 

guacamole & salsa.  

Chicken Goujons 

Homemade deep fried breaded chicken breast strips served with a choice of: 

(i) Rustic Spanish Chips OR (ii) Mash Potato and Roast Veg

Kids Tapas Paella 

Traditional Spanish rice dish cooked with peas & peppers served with a side portion of deep fried cubed Potatoes and a choice of three fillings: 

  1. Succulent Chicken & Chorizo.
  2. Mixed Seafood.
  3. Mixed Veggies. 

Spanish Meatballs with Cubed Spanish Potatoes

Succulent melt in the mouth meatballs prepared in a rich Andalusian style vine tomato sauce served with Spanish rustic cubed potatoes.

Picaderos Fish Nuggets

Mini Fresh Fillet of natural Hake prepared in a homemade crispy batter with warm Mushy peas & served with a choice of: 

(i) Rustic Spanish Chips OR (ii) Mash Potato and Roast Veg

Children’s Desserts:

Churros €4.50

Spanish style sugared doughnut sticks served warm with a dusting of cinnamon, plenty of chocolate sauce for dipping & a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae €4.50

Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream with juicy fresh chopped strawberry pieces and topped with tasty warm strawberry syrup.

Warm Chocolate Brownie €4.50

Soft Chocolate Brownie Cake served warm with Belgian Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Button Bash! €4.50

Tasty chocolate ice cream, chocolate of sauce, fresh whipped cream and sprinkled with loads of Cadbury chocolate buttons™. 

Kid Warm Drinks:

“Babycino” €1.50

Tasty drink of warm frothed milk served in an espresso cup & topped with chocolate powder; Only for the kids!

Choco-latte Caliente €3.75

Warm milky Cadbury’s™ Hot Chocolate with delicious chocolate syrup & miniature marshmallows!