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Postres / Desserts:


Tarta del Día €7.50

Special cake of the day.  Please ask your server for details.

Créma Catalana  (CF) €7.00

Flame torched sugar caramelised homemade vanilla, cinnamon & lemon flavoured Catalan style custard Crème Brûlée.

‘Helado de Casa’ – House Ice Cream €7.25

A house mix selection ofGlenowen Farm Luxury Caramel & Toffee, Vanilla, Honeycomb & Strawberry Cream ice-creams drizzled with chocolate & butterscotch sauce.                 


Churros con Chocolate €7.25

Spanish style sugared doughnut sticks served warm with a dusting of cinnamon, plenty of homemade Belgian chocolate sauce for dipping & a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Sorbet 43 (CF) €7.50

Refreshing Tropical Orange & Mango Sorbet served with a splash of Orange & Vanilla Flavoured Spanish Licor 43& homemade Passion fruit & honey syrup.  A great palate cleanser.

‘Ferrero Rocher’ Cheesecake €7.75

Classic hazelnut & chocolate Ferrero Rocher sweet topped Chocolate Cheesecake with hazelnut chocolate centre, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Tarta de Santiago €7.50

‘Cake of St. James’, an almond& pear flan tartlet from Galicia, served warm with a dusting of icing sugar & a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

‘La Muerte’ by Chocolate €7.50

Rich ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake, served warm with an oozing chocolate centre & extra lashings of chocolate sauce on top. Served with a scoop of Glenowen Farm Honeycomb ice cream.


Portuguese Custard Tarts €7.50

“Pastel de Nata”; individual mini homemade Portuguese egg tart pastry with a sweet custard centre.  Served warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon & icing sugar with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Affogato 43 €7.50

Vanilla flavoured Ice Cream drenched in Orange & Vanilla Flavoured Spanish Licor 43. Served with an Espresso which is to be poured over the top to “drown” the ice cream. Delicioso!


House Coffees


Espresso- Italian Roma medium strength coffee beans (85% Arabica) €2.50

Double Espresso €2.90

Espresso Macchiato – Espresso topped with hot milky foam €2.80

Double Espresso Macchiato €3.00

Café Americano – Classic espresso topped up with hot water €2.90

Café Blanco– Classic flat white €3.00

Cappuccino – Large white coffee topped with chocolate powder sprinkles €3.15

Café con Leche– ‘Latté’; large white coffee served in a tall glass €3.00

Chocolate Caliente– Milky Hot Chocolate with delicious chocolate syrup €3.50


Teas & Herbal Teas:


Breakfast Tea €2.60

Mint Tea €3.15

Pure Camomile €3.15  

Green Tea €3.15

Mixed Berry €3.15

Lemon & Ginger €3.15

More herbal teas available daily – Please ask your server.

Speciality Coffees


Spanish ‘Cortado’ €2.50

Classic Spanish “cut” coffee; freshly brewed espresso topped with hot milk & foam in a warm glass.  Double Cortado€3.00


Cortado ‘Supremo’ €3.50

A layer of Vanilla syrup, topped with foam, frothed hot milk & freshly brewed espresso served in a warm glass for a four layered coffee effect.  


Café Bon Bon €3.25

Why not sweeten up your Espresso?

Shot of Espresso coffee with a shot of sweetened condensed milk for a classic two layered treat!

Café Bon Bon Deluxe €3.75

Freshly brewed espresso coffee layered with sweetened condensed milk, semi-whipped fresh cream, sweetened sugared cream, dusted with cocoa & garnished with dark chocolate shavings.

Café Canario €3.75

A double milk coffee from Tenerife, a combination of a Café Cortado & Café Bon Bon. Decilioso!

Café ‘Dulce de Leche’ €3.50

Argentinean style coffee; layer of rich caramel syrup, topped with foam, frothed hot milk & freshly brewed espressoserved in a warm glass for a four layered coffee effect.  


Hazelnut Café Latte €3.75

Classic Café con Leche with a modern twist; an additional layer of hazelnut syrup to jazz up your coffee experience & sweeten your senses!


Café Mocha €3.75

A blend of freshly brewed espresso coffee, milky hot chocolate, chocolate syrup and a head of foam generously sprinkled with chocolate powder; intensely flavoured!


Signature Coffee Liquor Cocktails


Café Asiático €7.00

Traditional Spanish Coffee from Cartagena; Strong shot of espresso, with a layer of condensed milk, Spanish Brandy & Spanish ‘Licor 43’. Topped with fresh cream & dusted with cinnamon.  Garnished with a lemon peel & roasted coffee beans. Needs to be stirred before drinking.

Café Carajillo €6.75

A Carajillo is a Spanishdrink combining a strong shot of espresso coffeewith Spanish brandy& a thin head of cream.

Hot Shot 43 €6.25

A triple layer after-dinner delight of Orange & Vanilla flavoured Spanish liqueur, freshly brewed espresso coffee, topped with semi-whipped cream in a Vigne sytle Sherry glass.

Mystic Mayan Café €8.00  

Steamed XTA Mayan honey nectar flavoured Rum & Aniseed Liqueur with freshly brewed espresso, topped with a scoop of Bourbon flavoured ice-cream & dusted with ground cinnamon.

CaféBrasileiro €7.00 A sweet complex drink with a mix of Brazilian Cachaça sugar cane rum, chocolate liqueur Crème de Cacao, vanilla cream & freshly brewed espresso coffee. Garnished with a zest of lime!

Captain’s Iced Coffee €8.75  

Double iced espresso, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum & Mexican Kahlúa coffee Liqueur all shook up & served on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass.

“El Ocho” €7.75

Cuban Dark Rum (Bacardi 8 años), chocolate liqueur Crème de Cacao, freshly brewed espresso coffee & topped with semi whipped cream.


Espresso Martini €9.50

Double iced espresso, Vanilla flavoured Vodka & Mexican Kahlúa coffee Liqueur all shook up & served in a classic cocktail glass.

Brandy Alejandro Espresso Martini €9.75

A Spanish twist on the classic Espresso Martini. Double iced espresso, Spanish Brandy, Baileys & Crème de Cacaoall shook up & served in a classic cocktail glass.

Patrón XO Espresso Martini Royale €10.50

Double iced espresso, Absolut Vodka & Ultra-Premium Mexican Tequila Coffee Liquor ‘PATRÓN XO CAFÉ all shook up & served in a classic cocktail glass with a lemon zest.

XO Café Royal €8.00

Freshly brewed Arabica Espresso coffee with Ultra-Premium Mexican Tequila Coffee Liquor ‘PATRÓN XO CAFÉ’, topped with fresh semi-whipped cream & a dusting of cocoa.

Picaderos Chocolate Orange 43 €7.75

It’s not Terry’s… it’s ours! A delicious chocolate & orange flavoured coffee combining frothed hot milk & freshly brewed espresso with Spanish ‘Licor 43’ & Crème de Cacao, topped with fresh semi-whipped cream, a generous dusting of cocoa & dark chocolate shavings.

Classic Coffee Liquors & Non-Alcoholic Options


Baileys Coffee €7.00

Baileys Irish Cream Liquor, Coffee & topped with semi whipped cream.


Non-Alcoholic version also available with Irish Cream Liquor flavoured syrup! €4.75


Baileys Hot Chocolate €7.25

Baileys Irish Cream Liquor, blended with milky hot chocolate & a double layer of chocolate syrup, semi-whipped fresh cream, sweetened sugared cream & dusted with cocoa and dark chocolate shavings.

Irish Coffee €7.00

The classic of classics!  Triple distilled Irish Jameson Whiskey, Brown Sugar, Coffee topped with semi whipped cream.


French Coffee €7.00

French Hennessy Cognac Brandy, Brown Sugar, freshly brewed espresso coffee topped with semi whipped cream.


Italian Coffee €7.00

Almond Flavoured Italian Amaretto Liquor, Coffee & topped with semi whipped cream.


Non-Alcoholic version also available with sweet Amaretto flavoured syrup! €4.75



Calypso Coffee €7.00

Tia Maria, freshly brewed espresso coffee & topped with semi whipped cream.

After Dinner Aperitifs

Dessert Wine:


Torreón de Paredes Reserva, Late Harvest, Chile 

50ml €2.50

175ml €7.00  

A sweet wine golden yellow in colour; 92% Sauvignon Blanc, 8% Gewürztraminer, made & aged in French Oak barrels for 12 months.  Elegant bouquet of candied orange notes & honey; the palate is inctuous, intense with a long finish. Best served chilled with a cheese board or desserts.

 Spanish Spirits / Liquors 

Pacharán Navarro Zoco €6.50

A liquer made from soaking sloe berries (wild plum berries) with a few coffee beans and a vanilla pod in anisette. It is usually served as a digestif either chilled or on ice.  Pacharán is to Spain, what Amaretto is to Italy.

Licor 43 €6.50

Licor Cuarenta Y Tres, is a bright yellow Spanish liqueur, which is made from citrus and fruit juices, flavoured with vanilla & other aromatic herbs & spices, & has 43 different ingredients.  The flavour is quite similar to fine aged rum.

Osborne Veterano, Brandy, Spain €6.00

A much vaunted Spanish grape brandy, with the unaged spirit made in the same way since 1772, although the strength has recently been lowered. It’s aged in American oak and is very easy drinking.

Carlos I, Gran Reserva Brandy €10.00

Carlos I Solera Gran Reserva, Bodegas Osborne, is distilled in traditional pot stills, and aged using the solera system, famous for sherry production, in American oak barrels previously used to age amontillado and oloroso sherry.  The average age is around 10 years.  The intense dark amber colour is the prelude to an intense bouquet, with aromas of sweet pastry, vanilla and spicy oak.  The palate is very elegant, with notes of liquorice.


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