Daily from 12.30 – 3pm

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Choose either our:

(i) Soup of the Day OR Rustic Chips & Salad with ANY Toasted Rustic Soft Roll or Wrap


(ii) Tea / Coffee OR Juice/Cordial OR ‘Ice Water’ triple filtered Still / Sparkling Irish Water

 * * *


All Rolls are served with Tortilla Chip Nachos & garnished with our house salad.



- Spicy Homemade Spanish Meatballs & melted Mozzarella Cheese in rich vine tomato sauce.


- Melted Fresh Brie, homemade sweet tomato relish, fire roasted peppers & mixed leaf salad.


- Lava Rock Grilled Chicken, Crispy Streaky Bacon, fire roasted Piquillo peppers, grated plum tomato & mixed leaf salad.


Spanish cured Serrano ham, Semi-Sundried Tomato Pesto melted cheese & mixed leafs.


All wraps are served with Tortilla Chip Nachos & garnished with our house salad.


- Toasted wrap with Char-grilled Chicken Breast marinated in a Coriander, Lime, Tequila & Sweet Chilli Glaze, mixed leaf salad, onions and melted mozzarella cheese.


- Warm soft wrap with Char-grilled Chicken, Crispy Streaky Bacon, Smoked Tobacco Onions, mixed leaf salad & garlic Aioli Mayonnaise.

AZTECA (V) €8.25

- Warm soft wrap with pan fried slices of Fajita Spiced mixed peppers & Spanish onions in a spicy tomato Mexican Salsa with grated melted mozzarella cheese & Jalapenos (optional).


- Toasted wrap with Tuna, sweet corn, onions, mayonnaise, mixed diced peppers & melted mozzarella cheese & Jalapenos (optional).

* * *

~ Sharing House Plates ~


Basket of “Mojo Picon” Chicken Wings (Serves two) €14

Juicy & tender wings marinated in a delicious Canary Island paprika, garlic & lime sauce with sesame seeds.  Served with celery sticks & Spanish Blue Cheese Aioli dip.


Mixed Mexican Tapas Platter (Serves Two) €16

Mexican style platter of Quesadillas, Beef Tacos, Chicken tortilla flutes & Nacho chips served with a trio of dips; ‘Pico de Galo’ Salsa Roja, Guacamole & Sour Cream.


Combination Spanish Tapas Platter (Serves two) €17.5

Marinated Chicken ‘Pincho’ Skewers, Catalán Style Plum Tomato Bread, Spicy Patatas ‘Bravas’, homemade Spicy Tomato Meatballs, Olives & Mixed Salad.

* * *


Choose three Tapas for only €11.00

These lunch Tapas platters were designed to adapt to a busy lunch-time schedule.  The Platters include a choice of three different Tapas including a “Pinchos” (Spanish Snacks), a “Ración” (Large Tapas portion) & a Side Order to complete the mix.

Simply choose one Pincho, a Tapas Ración and a Side Order to design your own lunch-time Tapas Platter:  See our Tapas Menu for full description of each Tapas dish.


Pinchos Meat Ración Side Order
Romesco Chicken Skewers Chicken Wings Piri Piri Patatas Bravas (V)
Chicken Croquettas Mini-Pot of Spanish Ragu Patatas Aioli (V)
Portuguese Beef Samosas Chicken & Chorizo Paella Rustic Garlic Toasts (V)
Mini Beer Battered Hake Spanish ‘Albóndigas’ Meatballs Catalan Tomato Bread (V)
Mexican Nachos (V) Brazilain Tapas Steak ‘Alcatra’* Garlic Mushrooms (V)
Vegetarian Flautas (V) Chicken ‘Pollo’ Marbella  Green Salad (V)
Jamón ‘Croquettas’ Potato & Cheese Tortilla Mixed Leaf Salad (V)
Quesadillas (V) Seafood Paella* Rustic Spanish Chips
Grilled Prawn Pinchos* Beef or Veg Tacos de Carne Creamy Mashed Potato (V)
Calamares Fritos Mussels a la Marinera Oven Roasted Vegetables (V)


*€2.25 supplement applies.

All of the above are also available as individual tapas portions.

* * *


Charred Steak Sandwich €11

Chargrilled stripes of Tri-Tip Brazilian steak cooked medium-rare in a toasted Rustic Soft Roll with sautéed mushrooms & grilled onions with a pink & black peppercorn sauce. Served with rustic Spanish chips & crisp mixed leaf salad.

Goats Cheese Soft Roll €9.25

Homemade Classic Basil Pesto, sliced olives, fresh melted soft ripened ‘Buche de Chèvre’ mild tangy flavoured goat’s cheese topped with a Semi-Sundried Tomato Pesto, freshly sliced tomatoes, red onions & peppery Rocket Leaves. Served with rustic Spanish chips & crisp mixed leaf salad.

BBQ Spare Ribs Soft Roll €9.75

Succulent Pork Ribs meat pulled off the bone basted in a Morgan Spiced Rum, Honey & Irish Whiskey BBQ Glaze with melted Monterey Jack Cheddar Cheese & crispy Smoked Tobacco Onions.

Rustic Toasted Veggie Soft Roll €8

Grilled Aubergine & Courgettes with a homemade Humus, Spicy Tomato Salsa, sliced pickled cucumbers & homemade tomato relish.

Spicy ‘Piri-Piri’ Chicken €9.75

Chicken breast basted with homemade Spicy Piri-Piri Sauce, char-grilled on the lava rocks & served with slices of pickled cucumber, mixed local leaves & garlic Aioli mayonnaise


All burgers are cooked medium well & are served with chunky chips & garnished with our Picaderos house salad.

Our Beef is 100% Prime Irish & Chicken Breasts are 100% Irish Free Range. 

- ‘el Clasico’ Burger €12

Char grilled 8oz Hereford Beef Burger with melted Monterey Jack Cheddar Cheese, sautéed onions, pickled cucumber & homemade tomato relish.

- Ranchero BBQ Burger €14.50

8oz Hereford 100% pure Irish Beef Burger with melted Chilli Cheese, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, charred Crispy Streaky Bacon & stacked Smoked Tobacco Onions

- Spanish Blue Cheese Chicken Burger €14

BBQ Char-grilled Chicken Breast Burger topped with melted Valdeon mild Spanish blue cheese, pickled cucumber, mixed local leaves & homemade sweet tomato relish.

- Also available with an 8oz charred Hereford Beef Burger €13.50

- Chicken “Romesco” Burger €13.50

Chargrilled Chicken breast with warm ‘Romesco’ (roasted red peppers, almond, garlic & tomato) sauce, crispy onions, rocket leave salad, slices of pickled cucumber & garlic Aioli Mayonnaise.

- Chicken, Chorizo & Manchego Burger €13.50

BBQ Char-grilled Chicken Breast Burger topped with aged Manchego cheese, thinly slice Pamplona Chorizo sausage, garlic Aioli mayonnaise, mixed local leaves & delicious Canary Island paprika, garlic & lime Mojo Picon sauce.

* * *


- Sizzling Chicken Fajitas €12

Sliced fajita spiced chicken breast with marinated Smokey onions & mixed peppers in a spicy salsa; served in a cast iron sizzling pan with soft flour tortillas, homemade guacamole, sour cream, ‘Pie de Galo’ Salsa Roja & Jack cheddar cheese.

- Vegetarian Fajita option also available €10

- Marinated Tri-Tip Beef Stripes Fajita also available €12

- Surf N’ Turf; Chicken & Tiger Prawn Fajita option also available  €13.50


- “Chimichanga” €13

Deep fried soft flour tortilla parcel stuffed with shredded chicken, tomato sauce, Jack cheddar cheese, spring onions, garlic, chilli & jalapenos & topped with sour cream, ‘Pie de Galo’ salsa Roja & guacamole with refried black beans & Mexican rice.


- Burritos de Carne €11.50

Flour tortilla stuffed with Refried Pinto Beans, Mexican Saffron Rice & Taco Meat, smothered with Green Tomato ‘Tomatillo’ sauce, melted Habanero Jack cheese, crisp lettuce, sour cream, homemade guacamole & ‘Pie de Galo’ salsa Roja.

- Chicken Burrito option also available €12

- Vegetarian Burrito option also available €10

- Seafood Burrito (prawns, calamari & mixed white fish) also available €13.50

 * * *



Sopa del Día (v) €6.50

Soup of the day; made with fresh seasonal ingredients & served with fresh sliced bread. 

Spanish Fisherman’s Soup €9.50

Spanish fisherman’s style soup of hearty fresh white fish & mixed seafood.

* * *


Spanish Potato Omelette (V) €9

Warm Wedge of Spanish Potato Omelette served with Romesco sauce & mixed leaves.

Ración of Seafood Paella €13.00

Large Tapas portion of Spanish Tapas Paella rice cooked in saffron with a mix of white fish, mussels, Tiger Prawns, peas & peppers.

Ración of Chicken & Chorizo Paella €12.00

Large Tapas portion of Spanish Tapas Paella rice dish cooked in Saffron with peas & peppers, succulent Chicken & Spicy Chorizo sausage.

Vegetarian option available €9.50

* * *


 Charred Chicken & Serrano Rocket Leaf Salad €12.50

Char-grilled Chicken Stripes & sliced Serrano Ham with peppery rocket leaves, aged Manchego cheese shavings, toasted pine nuts, Semi-Sundried Tomato Pesto, extra virgin Olive Oil & Sea Salt.

Chicken Tequila Salad €11.50

Strips of char-grilled Chicken Breast marinated in a Cilantro, Lime, Tequila & Sweet Chilli Glaze on a bed of mixed leaves, onions, cucumbers and mixed peppers.

 Spicy ‘Piri-Piri’ Prawns €14.00

Asado Char grilled prawns, lightly marinated in Piri Piri spices, served on a bed of peppery rocket salad with Manchego cheese shavings & a Balsamic reduction salsa.

Ensalada Verde (v) €7

Green salad with Spanish Green Olives, Local Green Baby leaves, Char-Grilled Asparagus Spears & Onions.

House Salad (V) €6

Large house salad of mixed leafs, onions, peppers, fresh tomatoes & cucumber.

* * *

~ Available Sides ~

Patatas Bravas  / Patatas Aioli / Garlic Bread with Cheese €5.40

Chips / Onion Rings / Sautéed Mushrooms or Onions / Garlic Bread €4.50

* * *

*Please note that groups of 10 or more will have a 10% service charge added to their bill*

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