“Despacito™” €13.00
A Picaderos original cocktail inspired by our most famous regular; Justin Bieber. Pink gin, egg white, muddled raspberries, elderflower infused liqueur, lime juice and simple syrup.
Aged Whiskey Barrel Old Fashioned €11.50
A Picaderos twist on the bourbon classic, with the added dimension of whiskey barrel bitters.

Pornstar Martini €13.00
Vanilla infused vodka, lime juice, passion fruit puree & mix of fresh pineapple juice for the ultimate refreshing experience.

Strawberry & Cucumber Caiprinha €11.00
A sweet & cooling cocktail, perfect for warm weather. It is made with muddled cucumber & strawberries, combined with lime juice, sugar syrup & Brazilian sugar cane rum Cachaca.

Blood Orange Margarita €12.00
A twist on a classic Margarita with sliver tequila blanco, triple sec, fresh lime, & blood orange infused syrup. Served in a classic coupe glass with a salt rim.
~ Classic Margarita also available €11.50
~ Sliver Patrón Premium Margarita also available €15.00

La Paloma €11.75
The paloma (Spanish for “dove”) is a classic tequila-based cocktail. Made with gold tequila oro, apricot brandy, Maraschino licor, simple syrup, fresh lime and grapefruit soda.
Served in a tall salt rimmed glass.

Mexicano Verde €13.00
A well balanced lightly spiced Margarita with Sliver Tequila, jalapeño infused liquor, triple sec, fresh lime, blue curacao & orange bitters. Served with a salt rim.

Mezcal Sour €13.00
Mezcal, fresh Lime juice, Agave syrup, Apricot Brandy, egg white & Angostura bitters. Double shaken and double strained into a rocks glass. Garnished with a sprig of Thyme.

Mojito €10.50
Classic Cuban favourite. A refreshing rum cocktail made of Mint leaves, muddled with sugar, lime wedges and fresh lime juice. Bacardi is added along with crushed ice and topped with soda water. Garnished with a sprig of mint leaves & lime wheels.

Strawberry Daiquiri €10.50
Picaderos take on this Classic Cocktail. A delicious Rum based cocktail made with fresh muddled strawberries, sugar syrup & fresh lime juice. Shaken with ice, double strained and poured over crushed ice. Garnished with a strawberries & lime wheels.

Long Island Ice-Tea €11.50
A hugely popular cocktail as refreshing as it is powerful. Vodka, gin, rum, tequila and orange curacao flavoured liquor all combined with crushed ice & lime juice and topped with a dash of Coca Cola.

Cosmopolitan €10.50
Another simple, yet world renowned, cocktail. The “Cosmo” is made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice. It is shaken with ice and served with a flambéed orange peel.

Espresso Martini €12.00
Double iced espresso, Vanilla flavoured Vodka, Mexican Kahlúa coffee Liqueur & simple syrup all shook up & served in a classic cocktail coupe glass.

Whiskey Sour €9.00
As after-dinner cocktails go, the whiskey sour is one of the most famous, and for good reason. By mixing Bourbon and lemon juice with egg white and sugar syrup, you get a delicious classic cocktail that has really stood the test of time. Served on the rocks.

Cava Peach Bellini €10.00
A summer favourite. The Bellini consists of peach infused syrup and Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine. With the added kick of peach schnapps.

Aperol Spritz €10.50
An aperitif cocktail consisting of prosecco, Aperol & soda water; garnished with a wedge of orange. A Venetian Classic & the world’s bestselling aperitif cocktail.

Pink Gin Spritz €10.50
The world’s fastest selling gin variety; Strawberry Rosé Gin with Prosecco, lemon & lime soda & garnished with strawberries & raspberries.

Limoncello Spritz €10.75
You can’t get any more refreshing than with a lemon flavoured Spritz!
2 Parts Limoncello, 2 parts prosecco, 1 part soda water; garnished with a slice of orange.

~ Non- Alcoholic / Virgin Cocktails ~
Sienna Spritz ™ €7.50
Refreshingly satisfying. Freshly muddled cucumber ribbons, strawberries & mint leaves, with cucumber infused syrup & fresh lime & crushed ice topped lemon & lime soda water.

‘No’-Jito €7.50
The non-alcoholic cousin of the Mojito; Freshly muddled limes, mint leaves with sugar syrup, crushed ice and a dash of lemon & lime soda water.

Sangria 0’0 €7.50
Freshly chopped mango & strawberry fruits with a generous serving of fresh pineapple, mango juice & orange, freshly squeezed lime & a dash of Grenadine syrup.
Shaken and served with crushed ice.

Virgin Amaretto Sour €7.50
If you love the flavour balance of sweet and sour, then you’ll enjoy this classic Mediterranean cocktail; a mix of freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white & Italian Amaretto
Syrup; shaken and double strained over ice.

Gordon’s 00 Gin Cucumber Spritz €7.50
Freshly sliced ribbons of cucumber muddled with lime juice, juniper berries, Gordon’s 00 Gin, crushed ice topped lemon & lime soda water.


~ Bottled Beers ~

~ Madri, Madrid, Spain – 33 cl €5.00
~ Corona Extra, Mexico – 33 cl €5.50
~ Estrella Damm, Lager, Barcelona, Spain – 33 cl €5.75
~ San Miguel Especial, Lager, Spain – 33cl €5.50
~ 1906 Reserva Especial, Galicia, Spain – 33cl €6.95

~ Spanish Draught Beers ~
~ San Miguel, Spain – DRAUGHT 565ml Pint €6.25
330ml Caña / Glass €4.25
2 Litre Pitcher €23.00

~ Estrella Galicia, Spain – DRAUGHT 565ml Pint €6.50
330ml Caña / Glass €4.50
1 Litre Pitcher €12.00

~ Cider ~
~ Bulmers, Cider, Ireland – 33 cl €6.50
~ Falling Apple, Raspberry & Elderflower, Cider, Ireland – 33 cl (Can) €6.75

~ Craft Beers (Can) ~
~ Brewdog PUNK IPA, – 33cl €6.85
~ Brewdog, Elvis Juice, Grapefruit infused IPA – 33cl €6.75
~ Brewdog Dead Pony Pale Ale -33cl €6.75

~ Coeliac Friendly Beer ~
~ Estrella Galicia, GLUTEN FREE, Spain – 33 cl €5.75

~ Non- Alcoholic Drinks ~
~ Estrella Galicia 0’0, (Non-Alcoholic), Spain – 33 cl (bottle) €4.75
~ DRAUGHT 565ml Pint €5.85

~ Bulmers 0’0 (Non-Alcoholic), Ireland – 33 cl €4.75