Schools Spanish Tapas Trips

School Tapas and Spanish Culture Trips are now available at Picaderos Restaurant, Main Street, Maynooth, Co. Kildare. We have a wide range of authentic Spanish and Latin cuisine on offer. Our Spanish waiters can converse in the language and will explain the dishes on offer with a little bit of history included. This initiative will help students experience Spanish culture and cuisine without having to travel too far.

This menu is available Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 5pm, reservation required. Tables are required back by 6pm.


Two tapas, a side, a drink & a Spanish dessert only €15 per pupil

Teachers Eat Free* (min group of ten students)

Tapas Set Menu:
1.  Elegir  entre dos tapas de la selección de los platos abajo:
(Choose two Tapas from the selection of dishes below)
– Albondigas en salsa de tomate.  Melt in the mouth meatballs covered in a spicy tomato ‘salsa’ sauce.
– Patatas Alioli (V).  Cubed deep fried potatoes served with garlic mayonnaise dip.
– Pan con Tomate (V) Toasted crusty Spanish bread with garlic & grated plum tomatoes
– Paella de Pollo y Chorizo.  Traditional Spanish rice dish cooked in Saffron with peas & peppers, succulent Chicken & Spicy Chorizo sausage.​Vegetarian option also available
– ‘Croquettas de Pollo’ with sweet chilli dip​.  Homemade breaded croquettes filled with chicken garlic, onion & thyme.
– Patatas Bravas (V).  Cubed deep fried potatoes served with a spicy tomato ‘salsa picante’ sauce.
– Alas de Pollo ‘Piri Piri’.  Chicken wings marinated in garlic & hot ‘Piri-Piri’ chilli pepper sauce.
– ‘Croquettas de Jamón’ with garlic Aioli dip.  Homemade breaded croquettes filled with finely chopped Jamón Serrano, garlic & onion.
– Tortilla Espanola (V).  Traditional Spanish Potato Omelette with mixed peppers & Manchego cheese – served warm.
– Pincho Moruno de Pollo.  Grilled juicy pieces of chicken on the skewer marinated in paprika & served on crusty Spanish bread.
– Pollo Marbella.  Mini potted pan fried pieces of chicken breast with sliced spicy Spanish Chorizo sausage sautéed with onions in a rich creamy vine tomato & white wine sauce.
2.  Elije un acompaňamiento (Choose a Side Order):
– Pan con Ajo (Garlic Bread), Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Salad) OR Papas Fritas (Chips)
3. Elija una bebida (Choose a Drink)
– Any Soft Drink, Juice, Mi-Wadi Cordial, Tea, Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso or Café con Leche.
4. Elija un Postre (Choose a Dessert)
– Churros con Chocolate (Traditional Spanish Donut Sticks)
Tarta De Santiago (Almond & Pear Flan)
Crema Catalana (Traditional Catalonian Style Crème Brulee)